All New Gothic Gourds, Coming Soon!


gothic gourds newsletter

We at Gothic Gourds are super excited to be working on a totally NEW site!

Yes, we will have a working shop, with actual products in it for a change. We will also have a link to Etsy if you prefer to shop there.

Yes, we will be making regular posts, with tutorials, up-to-date information about everything Gothic Gourds, downloadable freebies, new beautiful pictures, and more importantly, we are hoping to create it so that the website will increase interaction with people of all sorts: future customers, people needing Halloween prop advice or crafting tips, fiends wishing to chat about a recent book review or info post, possible retailers, the curious, everyone! We hope that this quick description of things to come will excite you enough to keep in touch, via our newsletter, email, or various social media sites, as listed.

Yes, we are working day and night, even when we should be getting ready for shows, to get this huge job completed. No sleep, can barely see, but you requested it, so you are getting it!

And yes, we are going to have a super exciting contest and huge celebration for finally finishing the ultimate, undead Barbie dream home of Gothic Gourds!

If you are new to Gothic Gourds, please read this short paragraph that summarizes some of the things we do, at the moment. If you are a returning fan, you might as well read it too, because we are always doing new things, and reading is good for you! See below:

Gothic Gourds creates a bit of everything, because the ideas running through poor Triple G’s mind, like the thousands of seeds in a pumpkin, need to be scooped out. This can create problems, such as the inevitable state of doing five things at once, and not finishing one, or having so many new ideas that she wishes there were more hours in the day, a time-travel machine existed, so she could go back and make better use of time. It also ensures her workshop is a total disaster, which, believe it or not, makes Triple G’s inner neat freak want to bake those seeds and feed them to the nearest hungry mouth.

Our current line of products (hand-made) include: jewellery of all kinds (mens’, womens’ and childrens’), spa soap, home decor (pillows, napkins, tablecloths, floral arrangements and wreaths), clothing (shirts, skirts, bags, and soon to be expanding into other materials and creations), hair fascinators, clips, flowers and bows, original art (art cards, postcards, posters), buttons (magnetic, pinback, bottle opener and hair elastic types, with my own graphics, and made by Triple G); she is also probably Canada’s only professional pumpkin carver (using faux pumpkins to make sculptures, nightlights, and custom work for occasions all year). On the immediate horizon, Gothic Gourds is going to expand into hand-painted dishware and glassware, products designed with vinyl, different soap scents, new card designs, and spooky-cute themed pajama pants, for one. Yes, that’s right: Gothic Gourds will be acquiring a sewing machine very soon, which, if you have ever met Triple G, you will know that a sewing machine spells creative craziness with a capital G!

Almost EVERYTHING that we create has a spooky cute edge; Gothic Gourds’ products have a large, loyal fan base, ship all over the world, and have been featured in local art galleries, retail stores, and numerous media. We have testimonials from stars, professionals, and from kids, who decide to use their own money to buy something from Gothic Gourds at an art show or convention, often it is the FIRST thing they have ever bought in their short lives. We treasure ALL feedback here, and encourage an active Gourd Garden community!

Everything we do involves quality craftsmanship , and is one of a kind. From things that are a bit Goth, a bit Spooky Cute,a bit Halloween, a bit Cosplay, a bit Steampunk, a bit B Horror Movie, a bit Zombie Apocalypse, a bit Rockabilly, a bit fairy tale, a bit Downton Abbey; in other words, something for everyone.

Thanks for your interest!

Love, Gothic Gourd Girl (Triple G for short)